Corporate Year End Checklist

To assist us in preparing your financial statements and tax returns, we will require the information as outlined below. This is a perfect opportunity to consider signing up for the secure document sharing portal we now have available. Call us if you are interested in getting registered. Scanned documents can be emailed to or delivered using a memory stick. Please be advised that if your company is taxable, interest will be charged by Canada Revenue Agency and the Provincial Government as early as 2 months after your year end. Penalties will be applied 6 months after your year end. 

  •  Bank statements, canceled cheques and deposit books for the full year. Also, provide us with your year-end bank reconciliation at Your corporate year end. 
  • Term deposit information (amount, rate of interest and maturity date) as well as all investment statements for the full year. Also include your broker’s year end tax package, if applicable. 
  • A list of accounts receivable at Your corporate year end including accounts that may not be collectible, and please note those that you expect will be uncollectible. 
  • A detailed list of your inventory at Your corporate year end complete with quantity and cost based pricing. 
  • A list of prepaids or deposits. For prepaid insurance, please provide details of insurance coverage and dates or policies. 
  • A copy of the invoices of capital assets (equipment, automotive, office, shop, etc.) purchased during the year with a purchase price of $500 or more. 
  • A list of all capital assets (equipment, automotive, office, shop, etc.) sold during the year showing the date of sale and amount received. Also include the date and amount paid when originally purchased. 
  • A list of amounts owing to suppliers and/or creditors at Your corporate year end including wage deductions payable and a copy of the source deduction form for the last pay period of the fiscal year. 
  • All GST returns and assessment notices for the fiscal year ended Your corporate year end including any remittance forms received. 
  • All federal and provincial assessment notices, including confirmation of instalment balances and any remittance forms received. 
  • Your year-end trial balance, general ledger, and/or synoptic or electronic backup, including the version you are using and any password that may be applicable. 
  • Copies of all finance contracts negotiated during the year, including leases. 
  • A confirmation from your lending institution(s) of all loan balances outstanding at year-end Your corporate year end. 

Your co-operation in supplying the above on a timely basis will assist us in completing your year-end in a more efficient manner and will allow time for the proper planning.